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Credit Cards Tab – Client Profile
Credit Cards Tab – Client Profile
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The Credit Cards tab allows a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–to input and store a client's credit card information so that it can be quickly selected when purchasing an order. Credit card information input on this tab is not stored on the Ample Organics server. Instead, Ample Organics sends the credit card information directly to the payment processor and stores a tokenized credit card number.


Click New to Add and Store a New Credit Card. When adding a new credit card, the CSR can activate eFraud Address Verification for select payment providers. This validates the credit card through the client's address for an extra layer of security.

Saving credit cards ahead of time using the Credit Cards tab is optional. A CSR can also manually enter credit card information for individual orders, and the credit card will be saved once the order is complete. Learn more about Adding a New Credit Card to an Order.

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