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Casing Runs Tab – Case SKU Profile
Casing Runs Tab – Case SKU Profile
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The Casing Runs tab tracks all Casing Runs associated with the Case SKU. In a Casing Run, a user packages bottles–also known as EA units–from Packaging Runs or Received Inventories into cases, which are then labelled and made available for sale through Sales Orders in the Wholesale application. A Casing Run may pull inventory from multiple Packaging Runs or Received Inventories, but all cannabis cased in a Casing Run must be from the same source Bulk Lot.

Click New to Create a Casing Run.

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The Casing Runs table displays essential information about each of the Case SKU's Casing Runs, including

  • ID: The Casing Run's unique ID number.

  • Bulk Lot: The Casing Run's source Bulk Lot.

  • QA Status: The source Bulk Lot's QA status. Before cases from a Casing Run can be sold through the Wholesale application, the source But Lot's status must be QA Released.

  • Original Count: The original number of cases packaged in the Casing Run. This count does not change if cases are sold or restocked.

  • Available: The number of cases in the run available for purchase.

  • Reserved: The number of cases in the run reserved for wholesale orders that have not yet been fulfilled.

  • Sold: The number of cases in the run that have been sold.

  • Casing Date: The date on which the cases were packed.

  • Created At: The date and time at which the Casing Run was created. This may be different from the casing date, which describes when the cases were physically packed.

Click the


icon to Download a Casing Record. A casing record lists all case ID numbers created in the run, as well as the bottle IDs in each case.

Casing Run Actions

[img casing-run-menu]

Click the


icon to open a menu of options for a specific Casing Run.

  • Print Case Labels: Print Labels for all cases in the run.

  • Bulk Lot Forensics: Jump to the source Bulk Lot's Forensics tab. This may be necessary in the event of a Product Recall.

  • Restock Cases: Unpack Cases to return EA units to the available inventory.

Return to the Cases tab to Create a Case SKU.

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