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How to Create a Recurring Order
How to Create a Recurring Order
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Clients who consistently order the same products may elect to create a recurring order template. This prompts the Seed-to-Sale platform to auto-generate a new order from the template each month to correspond with the client's prescription periods.

Required permission(s): order_create, client_read

  1. In the Clients module, select a client.

  2. Open the Recurring Order tab.

  3. Set the recurring order's status to Enabled.

  4. Add an item to the order template.

    1. Open the Select a Product drop-down menu, and select a product.

    2. Open the Select a SKU drop-down menu, and select a SKU.

    3. Enter the item quantity in the field provided.

    4. Click + Add to Order Template. The item and quantity selected will appear in the Order Template section.

  5. Repeat step 4 until the order template fulfills the prescription limit. A green checkmark will appear beside the Total Weight field in the Order Template section when the order meets the prescription limit.

    • Limitations:

      • For prescription amounts of 0–150 grams per month, the order template must fulfill 100% of the patient's prescription.

      • For prescriptions higher than 150 but lower than 300 grams per month, 150 grams will be added to the order and the amount remaining on the prescription will be left available.

      • Prescriptions amounts of exactly 300 grams per month will have two identical 150-gram orders placed.

  6. Click Save to save the recurring order. Each time the client's prescription is renewed, the Seed-to-Sale software will automatically create a new order using the order template.

If the client wants to resume creating orders manually, the CSR can Disable the Recurring Order.

Orders created through recurring order templates appear in the Recurring Orders tab in the Orders module.

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