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How to Add a Note to a Client's Profile
How to Add a Note to a Client's Profile
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If a client has special needs, it may be helpful to add a note to their profile so that Customer Service Representatives–or CSRs–know how to accommodate the client during customer service interactions. For example, a deaf or hard-of-hearing client may be unable to communicate by telephone, so the CSR should add a note to indicate that this client prefers to communicate through email. Follow these steps to add a note to the Client's Profile:

Required permission(s): client_read

  1. In the Clients module, select a client.

  2. In the Notes section, click Add Note. This opens an Attach New Note modal.

  3. Enter a Title and Note in the fields provided. If desired, enable the Trigger pop-up notification option so that the note will appear as a pop-up whenever a CSR opens the Client's Profile.

  4. Click Create to add the new note to the Client's Profile.


From the Overview tab on the Client's Profile, the CSR can also Log Into the Client Portal as the Patient or Send a Password Reset Email to the client.

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