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Wholesale Reports
Wholesale Reports
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In the Reports module, open the Wholesale tab in the Report Types section to access Wholesale reports. Wholesale reports allow licence holders to track wholesale transactions that take place in the Wholesale application. Hover over a report heading to view the report's mandatory and optional filter fields, and click on the report heading to generate the report, in CSV format.

Data in the reports is refreshed once daily. Historical reports display information on the day's opening inventory at 8:00 am local time, while standard reports display information based on snapshots taken at midnight.

Note: Generating a report with a large date range may take several minutes while data is collected. Try downloading reports periodically or wait until off hours for report generation.


The Seed-to-Sale software currently offers two Wholesale reports:

Sales By Line Item

A record of sales to vendors by sales order line item.

  • Required Filter Fields: None

  • Optional Filter Fields: Start and End dates, and Province may be selected for the report.

  • Order:

  • Data Points Pulled:

    • The order's unique ID number

    • The date and time the order was placed

    • The shipment ID

    • Status of shipment

    • The date the order was shipped

    • The date the order was delivered

    • The vendor

    • Vendor ID

    • Vendor category

    • The person responsible

    • Order type

    • The purpose of the order

    • Cannabis type

    • Product name

    • SKU name



    • Production name

    • Bulk lot name

    • Purchase order reference ID

    • Total CS

    • Units per CS

    • Total number of units

    • Unit price

    • Price (CS)

    • Bulk cannabis form

    • Bulk weight (g)

    • Bulk volume (mL)

    • Bulk units (number of units)

    • Bulk price per gram

    • Bulk price

    • Name of any other charge

    • Other charge amount

    • Subtotal

    • HST (13%)

    • GST (5%)

    • QST (9.97%)

    • HST (15%)

    • Order total

    • Currency

    • Total THC sold (mg)

    • User who created the order

    • Ship To name

    • Ship To license

    • Shipping To address line 1

    • Ship To address line 2

    • Ship To city

    • Ship To province

    • Ship To postal code

    • Ship To phone number

    • Ship To email

    • Contact name of the recipient organization

    • Position title of the contact

    • Phone number of the contact

    • Email address of the contact

Received Inventory

A record of inventory received from external sources within a specified time period.

  • Required Filter Fields: Start and End dates.

  • Data Points Pulled:

    • The received inventory's unique ID

    • The external order ID

    • The inventory's status

      • Options are Received, Reverted, and Returned

    • The date and time at which the inventory was created

    • The inventory's source

      • Options are Domestic, Return, or Other

    • The date and time at which the inventory was received

    • The user who received the inventory

    • The product received

    • The product's subclass

    • The SKU received

    • The inventory's associated Bulk Lot

    • The Bulk Lot's QA status

    • The total EA units (bottles) received

    • Total net weight (g) received

    • Total net volume (ml) received

    • The date and time at which the inventory was packaged

    • The inventory's expiry date

    • The date on which the inventory was returned, if applicable

    • The user who accepted the return, if applicable


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