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Physician Reports
Physician Reports
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Enter the Reports module, and open the Physicians tab in the Report Types section to access Physician reports. Physician reports track data surrounding the prescribing physicians saved to the licence holder's system. Hover over a report heading to view the report's mandatory and optional filter fields, and click on the report heading to generate the report, in CSV format.

Data in the reports is refreshed once daily. Historical reports display information on the day's opening inventory at 8:00 am local time, while standard reports display information based on snapshots taken at midnight.

Note: Generating a report with a large date range may take several minutes while data is collected. Try downloading reports periodically or wait until off hours for report generation.

The Seed-to-Sale software currently offers two distinct Physician reports:

Physician Tracker

An overview of physician information and the total number of clients prescribed by each physician on a given date.

  • Required Filter Fields: Start date.

  • Optional Filter Fields: Produce a report that tracks physicians by Referral Code.

  • Data Points Pulled for each physician:

    • Full name, including title

    • Business name

    • Address, including street, city, province, and postal code

    • Telephone number

    • Fax, if applicable

    • Licence number

    • Referral Code, if applicable

    • Number of patients associated to the physician

    • Number of active patients associated to the physician

    • Email address, if provided

    • Date the physician was added to the Seed-to-Sale software

    • Professional designation of the medical practitioner



A record of the physician and prescription details for each unique order placed.

  • Required Filter Fields: None

  • Optional Filter Fields: Start Date and/or End Date may be selected to limit the report's date range, and this report can be produced for a single Province.

  • Data Points Pulled:

    • Full name of the client

    • Referral code, if applicable

    • The client's date of birth

    • The client's postal code

    • The client's province

    • Full name and title of the prescribing practitioner

    • The physician's address

    • Physician's licence number

    • Grams per day prescribed

    • Duration of the prescription

    • Start date of the prescription

    • Total grams shipped

    • The most recent shipment date

    • Professional designation of the medical practitioner


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