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Complaints Reports
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In the Reports module, open the Complaints tab in the Report Types section to access Complaint reports. Complaint reports track the number and nature of complaints filed by clients. Hover over a report heading to view the report's mandatory and optional filter fields, and click on the report heading to generate the report, in CSV format.

Data in the reports is refreshed once daily. Historical reports display information on the day's opening inventory at 8:00 am local time, while standard reports display information based on snapshots taken at midnight.

Note: Generating a report with a large date range may take several minutes while data is collected. Try downloading reports periodically or wait until off hours for report generation.

The seed-to-sale software currently offers one Complaints report:

  • Complaints Report: A record of all complaints filed within a given time period. For each complaint entry, this report includes the complaint type, the status of the complaint, and any clients, products, or orders to which the complaint pertains.

    • Required Filter Fields: None

    • Optional Filter Fields: Select a date for Start and/or End to generate a report for a specified time frame.

    • Order: By default, the report lists complaints in descending order by the Complaint ID column.

    • Data Points Pulled:

      • Unique complaint ID number

      • Whether or not the complaint is Open

      • The date the complaint was received

      • The date the complaint was initiated

      • Complaint category

      • Description of the complaint's status

      • Associated products

      • Associated lots

      • Identifies to whom the complaint is assigned for resolution

      • Identifies additional information–such as products, clients, or lots–pertinent to the complaint


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