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The Batches tab in the Grow module tracks and manages all batches saved to the licence holder's system. A batch is a group of plants of the same strain that are managed together. Typically, all plants in a batch are in the same stage of cultivation, live in the same grow room location, and go through all cultivation activities as a group. However, if the plants in a batch mature at different rates, Grow Technicians may divide the batch between locations into batch subsets known as Grows. This is not the same as Splitting the Batch into two or more distinct batches; A batch with multiple locations still counts as a single batch.


The Batches index displays high-level information for each batch, including:

  • Batch: The batch's unique name.

  • Strain: The strain of cannabis in the batch.

  • Type: The batch's type, which describes the batch's purpose.

  • Plants: The number of plants in the batch.

  • Age: The batch's age, in days.

  • Stick Week: The week of the batch's creation. For example, if the batch's Stick Week is 43, it means the batch was created in the 43rd week of the calendar year.

  • Location: The batch's location. If the batch is split into Grows in multiple locations, all locations are listed here.

  • Created Via: The method by which the batch was created.

  • Stage: The stage(s) of plants in the batch.

A Grow Technician can create a new batch from Wholesale Plants, by Planting Seeds from a Seed Lot, or by Taking Cuttings from a Mother Plant. Cutting events can be recorded though the Seed-to-Sale web platform or through the Gun App.

Select a batch from the index to access the Batch's Profile.

To view archived batches, click the Archived radio button. To quickly locate a specific batch, enter its name or batch ID in the Search bar.

Click Print All Batch Labels to print labels for every batch in the system.

For more information on other Grow module tabs, visit the articles on Propagation, Rooms & Locations, Harvests, and Settings.

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