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How to Create a New Batch Type
How to Create a New Batch Type
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When Creating a New Batch, a Grow Technician selects a batch type to indicate the batch's purpose. For example, some batches are specifically for production, while other batches are test batches for research and development. Follow the steps below to customize the batch type options available in the Grow module.

Required permission(s): strain_read

  1. In the Grow module, open the Settings tab.

    [img grow-settings]

  2. Open the Batches sub-tab.

    [img settings-batches]

  3. Click New. This opens the Create Batch Type modal.

  4. Enter a unique name for the new batch type in the field provided.

  5. Click Save to add the new batch type.


From the Grow Settings tab, Grow Technicians can create a New Cannabis Strain, a New Strain Family, or a New Plant Pot Type.

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