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Grow Technicians use the Harvests tab to track harvesting events. Once the plants in a batch complete the Flowering stage, Grow Technicians open the harvest to indicate that the plants are ready to be harvested into a Bulk Lot and processed into products through the Productions module.


Most harvesting actions take place using the Gun App, but the Harvests tab tracks the status of each harvest opened and displays high-level information for each harvest. This includes:

  • Batch Name: The batch associated with the harvesting event.

  • Bulk Lot Name: The destination Bulk Lot.

  • Production Name: The destination Production.

  • Open: Indicates whether the harvest is open or closed.

  • Created At: The date and time at which the harvest record was first created.

  • Date Opened: The date and time at which the harvest was opened.

  • Date Closed: The date and time at which the harvest was closed.

Select a harvest to open the Harvest's Profile.

Visit the Gun App to Open a Harvest and Harvest Plants. Grow Technicians can also Open Harvests through the Seed-to-Sale web platform.

Once a harvest is complete, a Grow Technician should set and mark the harvest as finished by Closing the Harvest.

For more information on other Grow module tabs, visit the articles on Propagation, Batches, Rooms & Locations, and Settings.

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