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Grow Settings
Grow Settings
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The Grow module's Settings tab allows Grow Technicians to customize options in the Grow module. There are three sub-tabs within Grow Settings: Strains, Batches, and Plant Pot Types.



The Strains sub-tab displays all cannabis strains and strain families saved to the licence holder's system. A strain–also known as a cultivar–is a cannabis variant bred to bring out specific characteristics. For example, Acapulco Gold and Black Widow are popular strains. Strain families group strains with similar characteristics, such as Indica or Sativa strains.


To Create a New Cannabis Strain or Strain Family, click New in the appropriate section.

To archive a strain, click the trash can icon

beside the strain.


The Batches sub-tab displays all Batch Types saved to the licence holder's system. Grow Technicians designate batches for specific purposes, and the Batch Type describes this purpose. For example, some batches are specifically for production, while other batches are test batches for research and development.


Plant Pot Types

The Plant Pot Types tab displays all pots or containers used to cultivate cannabis plants. This tab is only relevant to producers who track plant pot types; doing so is not mandatory.


To Create a New Plant Pot Type, click New.

For more options to customize the user experience, visit the Settings module.

For more information on other Grow module tabs, visit the articles on Propagation, Batches, Harvests, and Rooms & Locations.

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