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Rooms & Locations Tab
Rooms & Locations Tab
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Grow Technicians use the Rooms & Locations tab to manage the Grow Rooms and locations in their facility. A Grow Room is any room dedicated to growing and caring for cannabis plants. A Grow Room is a top-level location that can contain any number of Child Locations–a row, table, or shelf within the room. Adding Child Locations allows Grow Technicians to be specific about a plant's exact location in a Grow Room. Depending on the licence holder's needs, Child Locations may be broken down to include Child Locations of their own, such as a section on a table or a shelf on a rack. There is no limit to the number of Child Locations each location can contains.

As a best practice, licence holders should create a maximum of 200 distinct locations. Excessive locations can negatively affect report generation times

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The Grow Rooms index displays all locations saved to the licence holder's system. Each Child Location is indented to indicate that it is a child of the unindented parent location above it. The index lists high-level information on each location, including:

  • Location: The location's name.

  • Own Plants: The number of plants in the specific location.

  • All Plants: The total number of plants in the specific location and its Child Locations.

  • Locations: The number of Child Locations within the location.

  • Strains: The number of cannabis strains in the location.

  • Created: The date on which the location was created.

To Create a New Location, click New. For suggestions and tips on creating locations, visit the guide to Setting Up Rooms & Locations.

Select a location to open the Location's Profile.

To print labels for all locations, click Print All Labels.

For more information on other Grow module tabs, visit the articles on: Propagation, Batches, Harvests, and Settings.

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