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How to Refuse a Client
How to Refuse a Client
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If a prospective client seems suspicious or submits an incomplete or invalid registration or medical document, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can reject the client's application by marking the client as Refused. This prevents the customer support team from proceeding with client registration activities and ensures the client cannot order cannabis from the licence holder.

Required permission(s): client_read, client_update, refusal_create

  1. In the Clients module, select a client.

  2. Open the Registrations tab.

  3. Select the client's active registration. This opens the registration's page.

  4. Click the


    icon to unlock editing capabilities.

  5. Open the Status drop-down menu, and select Refused. This triggers a new Reason for Refusal drop-down menu to appear.

  6. Open the Reason for Refusal drop-down menu, and select the reason the licence holder is rejecting the client's application.

    • If the CSR selects Other, a field will appear to enter details of the refusal.

  7. Click Save to save the client's status as Refused.

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