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Release Guide: 5.3.0
Release Guide: 5.3.0
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Release version 5.3.0 focusses on increasing monthly reporting coverage, improving tracking and traceability throughout the software, and upgrading permission controls.

Changes introduced in this release fall into several categories:

For an itemized list of updates, visit the 5.3.0 Release Notes.

Reporting Updates

CRA Report Expansion

Ample Organics has updated the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) report to populate cells in the Packaged Dried/Fresh Cannabis section upon generation. The report will also partially populate the Calculation of the Sales and Duty sections, pulling data on the number of packages of each product type sold to each Canadian province within the reporting month.

Visit the CRA Report Data Breakdown for a complete list of cells that auto-populate.

CTLS Report Expansion

Version 5.3.0 also expands the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS) report’s coverage to populate columns in the Sales - Vegetative Cannabis Plants and Sales - Seeds sections. Additionally, functionality has been added to the report’s Business Stats tab, which pulls data from the new Settings tab in the Reports module.

Visit the CTLS Report Data Breakdown for a complete list of columns that auto-populate, as well as tips and tricks for validating CTLS data with the help of stock reports.

Facility Information Settings

The Reports module has a new Settings tab that hosts each licence holder’s facility information. This includes the facility’s licence ID number, employee totals, and production area information. Once the facility information is configured, the CTLS report will pull data from this tab to populate the Business Stats tab, which saves a licence holder the trouble of manually inputting the information each month. To ensure reporting accuracy, we encourage licence holders to complete this tab immediately, and review the information regularly.


To edit facility information, a user must have the facility_information_update permission. Users with the Admin security role will have this permission by default.

Stock Report Updates

Version 5.3.0, introduces two new stock reports to help licence holders track and validate inventory levels: The Inventory Balance (Historical) report and the Marked for Wholesale report.

Inventory Balance Report - Current & Historical

Ample Organics has split the Inventory Balance report into two distinct reports: The Inventory Balance (Current) report and the Inventory Balance (Historical) report. The Inventory Balance (Current) report serves the same function as the previous version of the report, and pulls data to reflect inventory levels at the time of generation. The Inventory Balance (Historical) reports adds the ability to pull historical data, to validate inventory levels on different dates.


To learn more about these new reports, visit the Inventory report types tab in the Reports module.

Marked for Wholesale Report

A new Marked for Wholesale report tracks plants and batches removed from the inventory for wholesale transactions. This adds traceability to the Mark for Wholesale feature, and helps identify monthly reductions to plant inventory.


Learn more about this report through the Growreport types tab in the Reports module.

Productions & Bulk Lots

Releasing Bulk Lots

If a Bulk Lot has been released, the approval date is now displayed in the Bulk Lots table on the Production Profile, and in the status banner in the Bulk Lot's Overview tab.


Lab Reports

If a lab report is created in error, a QA Technician can now adjust the report’s sample weight to 0g. This returns any weight taken for the sample to the source Bulk Lot, and allows the technician to create a new lab report if necessary. A user can also edit a lab sample’s Date Sent field, provided the lab report is not released. However, be mindful that changing the Date Sent to a different month can affect the accuracy of the monthly CTLS report.


New options have been added for recording cannabinoid potencies. Lab reports in Fresh and Pure Intermediates Bulk Lots have adopted a two-tab structure, one to record potencies in mg/g, and one to record potencies in %.


Finally, once a lab report has been released, the report’s date of release will appear in the tale on the Lab Reports tab and within the report itself.


Archiving Bulk Lots

As of this release, a user can Archive a Bulk Lot with a retained sample, provided the lot is empty and all associated units have been sold. This makes it possible to hide these lots from the Bulk Lot table until the time comes to destroy the sample.


Ample Organics has also added restrictions to prevent a user from releasing or unreleasing an archived Bulk Lot.

Permissions Updates

Release 5.3.0 revisits the menu of permissions that control the pages and functions each user can access throughout the seed-to-sale software. Updates include:

  • Users with the View Only security role can now view all parts of the seed-to-sale software, but are restricted from altering data. This is the role’s intended function, but a mismatch of permissions thus far have allowed View Only users to perform miscellaneous tasks.

  • Permissions that control deprecated features have been removed.

  • Permissions that control custom features will be hidden in all seed-to-sale environments that do not use those features.


The release also introduces handful of new permissions:

  • bulk_lot_transfer: Grants permission to transfer weight between Bulk Lots.

  • bulk_lot_split: Grants permission to split Bulk Lots.

  • bulk_lot_archive: Grants permission to archive Bulk Lots.

  • facility_information_read: Grants permission to view the Settings tab in the Reports module.

  • facility_information_update: Grants permission to edit facility information in the Reports module.

For more information on permissions, visit the article on Security Roles & Permissions.

Shipping Configurations

Upon configuring a product type, a user can enable or disable shipping options for orders that include the product type. This addresses the problem of vape cartridges exploding when shipped via air. With this new feature, the user can disable air shipping options for vape products to prevent this issue.


For more information, see How to Create a Product Type.

Plant Statuses

As of release v.5.3.0, each plant will have one of four statuses: Living, Harvested, Sold, and Destroyed. Previously, plants that were harvested or sold were grouped with plants sent for destruction in the Destroyed Plants tab in a Batch’s Profile, which made it difficult to determine the true causes of monthly reductions to plant inventory.


To accommodate this update, Ample Organics has redesigned the Plants tab in the Batch Profile to include a status bar, so a user can filter the list of plants by status, or display plants across all statuses. The Destroyed Plants tab has been removed.

Wholesale Updates

Version 5.3.0 brings minor updates to the Wholesale application to improve the user experience and make it easier to track correspondence between a licence holder and their vendors.


When editing a wholesale shipment, a user can now remove cases from the shipment en masse, rather than selecting cases to remove one by one.

Sales Order Invoice

We’ve removed the option to email a Sales Order Invoice directly from the Sales Order’s Overview tab, as there was no mechanism to track these emails or indicate whether or not the email was sent. By Downloading these documents and emailing the vendors manually, a licence holder can more easily record if and when the emails go out.


Registration Document Updates

To ensure compliance with Health Canada regulations and any applicable privacy legislation, Ample Organics has added a Consents & Representations section to the registration amendment and renewal forms on the Client Portal. Clients must review and acknowledge these consents and representations before submitting their amendment or renewal. This information will also appear on the registration renewal and registration amendment PDF documents.


Policy Receipt

Ample Organics redesigned the Policy Receipt to list the prescription deduction, THC and CBD potencies, policy discounts, and additional discounts for each order line item. Potency information will be listed in mg or mg/g for most cannabis product subclasses, but potencies for Dried products will also be displayed in % if this information is configured. Similarly, the Policy Receipt will report potencies for oil products (Extracts-Ingested) in mg/ml if this information is configured.

This update also affects how Policy Types are configured. When Setting up a Policy Type in the Clients module’s Settings tab, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can enter the provider’s number in a special field. Upon generating a receipt for a policy of that type, the receipt will use this field to pull and display the provider’s number on the document.

Work Orders - Notes & Documents

Ample Organics has added a Notes & Documents section to the Work Order Profile, to allow processing technicians to upload documents to help track processing events.


Moving Packaging Runs

This release also introduces restrictions to Moving Packaging Runs between SKUs. Moving a Packaging Run will only be possible if the source and destination product have the same product subclass and discrete unit setting; the source and destination SKUs have the same Net Weight, Net Volume, and Discrete Units per EA Unit; and none of the bottles in the Packaging Run have been sold, cased, reclaimed, or destroyed. If these criteria are not met, the Move to SKU button will be disabled.


PayPal Integration

Ample Organics now offers PayPal as a method of payment so that clients can purchase products using a payment option of their choice–PayPal balance, credit card, Visa debit card, direct from their bank account). To activate PayPayl integration, a licence holder should contact their Account Manager.

For an itemized list of updates, visit the 5.3.0 Release Notes.

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