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How to Move a Packaging Run to a New SKU
How to Move a Packaging Run to a New SKU
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If Packaging Associates package units into the wrong SKU, you can move the completed Packaging Run to the correct SKU through the source SKU's Packaging Runs tab. This is only possible if no bottles in the run have been cased, reclaimed, sold, or destroyed. Additionally, the license holder must have another SKU in their Seed-to-Sale environment with the same product subclass, discrete unit setting, Net Weight, Net Volume, and Discrete Units per EA as the source SKU.

Required permission(s): product_read, received_inventory_read, packaging_run_move

  1. In the Products module, select a product.

    [img product-overview]

  2. Select a SKU to open the SKU's Profile.

    [img sku-overview]

  3. Open the Inventory tab. The Packaging Runs sub-tab will be open by default.

    [img sku-packaging-runs]

  4. Locate the Packaging Run in question, and click the


    icon in the leftmost cell to open a menu of options.

  5. Select Move to SKU. This opens a modal that lists all products saved to the license holder's Seed-to-Sale environment.

    • Note: The button will be disabled if there are no compatible SKUs in the environment.

  6. Select the destination product. This opens a list of SKUs associated with the product that match the settings of the source SKU.

    • Note: If an error occurs, click


      to return to the list of products.

  7. Select the destination SKU.

  8. Click Save to move the Packaging Run to the destination SKU.

From the Packaging Runs tab, you can also Retrieve a Bottling Record and Release or Unrelease a Packaging Run.

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