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The Work Orders module tracks all Work Orders that are currently in progress, and keeps a record of all Work Orders completed to date. A Work Order is a processing event that converts cannabis from one form to another, such as drying, oil extraction, encapsulation, or baking. Work Orders are all about inputs and outputs. A quantity of cannabis in a specific form goes into the Work Order, undergoes a processing event, and is then output in a different form, often at a different weight or volume. Additionally, some Work Orders like rolling and encapsulation produce discrete units, which describes cannabis in a form like capsules, pre-rolls, or cookies–a form that is countable at the unit level.


The Work Orders index displays all Open and Finalized Work Orders in tabular format. The table lists high-level information about each Work Order, including:

  • Name: The Work Order's unique name. The licence holder should develop a naming convention for Work Orders that suits the needs of their facility and is easily traceable.

  • Type: The specific type of process the cannabis undergoes during the Work Order.

  • Status: The Work Order's status. Visit the Work Order Profile for more information about Work Order statuses.

  • Input Weight (g): The Work Order's input weight, in grams.

  • Input Volume (ml): The Work Order's input volume. This only applies if the Work Order uses a liquid input.

  • Input Discrete Units (units): The Work Orders input discrete units. This only applies if the input Bulk Lot measures cannabis in discrete units.

  • Output Weight (g): The output weight of cannabis once the Work Order (processing) is complete.

  • Output Volume (ml): The output volume of cannabis once the Work Order (processing) is complete. This is only applicable if the Work Order produces a liquid output.

  • Output Discrete Units (units): The number of discrete units produced by the Work Order, This only applies if the Work Order produces countable units, like pre-rolls, capsules, or cookies.

  • Created At: The Work Order's creation date.

By default, the Work Orders module displays Open and Finalized Work Orders. To instead see Closed Work Orders, click the Show Closed radio button.

Usually, a Work Order will convert cannabis from one cannabis form to another–Fresh to Dried, Fresh to Oil, Oil to Capsule, etc. If the cannabis changes forms during the Work Order, you cannot return the processed cannabis to its source Bulk Lot, as it would mix two distinct cannabis forms together. Instead, Processing Technicians should Create Destination Bulk Lots in advance to house each cannabis form.

To learn more about how to use Work Orders to process fresh cannabis into a variety of product types, visit the Work Order Workflows section.

Click New to Create a New Work Order, or select a Work Order from the index to open the Work Order's Profile.

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