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How to Split a Bulk Lot
How to Split a Bulk Lot
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If a Bulk Lot contains a large amount of cannabis or will be processed into multiple products, the licence holder can split the Bulk Lot into two distinct lots to manage separately. Splitting a Bulk Lot creates a new Bulk Lot that is essentially a clone of the original, and transfers a specified quantity of cannabis into the new lot. This is not the same as Transferring Weight Between Bulk Lots, in which you select an existing Bulk Lot of the same type to receive cannabis weight from the source lot.

Required permission(s): production_read, bulk_lot_split

  1. In the Productions module, select a production.

    [img production-profile]

  2. Select a Bulk Lot to open the Bulk Lot's Profile.

    [img bulk-lot-overview]

  3. Open the Weight Events tab.

    [img bulk-lot-weight-events]

  4. Click Split Into New Lot. This opens the Split Into New Lot modal.

  5. Enter the quantity of cannabis to split off in the fields provided:

    • Weight to Split: The weight to split off, in grams. This cannot exceed the Bulk Lot's current weight.

    • Volume to Split: The volume to split off, in millilitres. This field will only appear if the Bulk Lot's type is Extracts, Topicals, or Edibles - Non-solids, and the value cannot exceed the Bulk Lot's current volume.

    • Discrete Units to Split: The quantity of discrete units to split off. This field will only appear if the Bulk Lot uses discrete units, and the value cannot exceed the Bulk Lot's current discrete unit count.

  6. Configure information about the new Bulk Lot in the fields provided.

  7. Click Split. This creates a new Bulk Lot from the weight/volume/discrete units split off from the parent Bulk Lot, and brings you to the new Bulk Lot's Overview tab. The new Bulk Lot will have the same name as its parent with an extra digit in parenthesis. Adjust the lot's name as necessary.


After creating the new child Bulk Lot, a Processing Technician should immediately Label the Bulk Lot.

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