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How to Revert a Retained Sample Destruction
How to Revert a Retained Sample Destruction
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If QA Technicians destroy a Bulk Lot's retention sample in error, follow the steps below to revert the destruction.

Required permission(s): production_read, destruction_lot_read, retained_sample_destroy

  1. In the Productions module, select a production.

    [img production-profile]

  2. Select a Bulk Lot. This opens the Bulk Lot's Profile.

    [img bulk-lot-overview]

  3. Open the Destruction tab.

    [img bulk-lot-destruction]

  4. Open the Retained Sample Destruction sub-tab.

  5. Click the

    icon beside a destroyed retention sample to open a menu of options.

  6. Select Revert Destruction to restore the sample.


The Destruction tab also allows QA Technicians to Restore General Bulk Lot Waste, Restore Packaging Run Waste, and Restore Destroyed Bottles.

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