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Troubleshooting: Releasing Cannabis for Sale
Troubleshooting: Releasing Cannabis for Sale
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A cannabis SKU must meet several criteria before it becomes available for public sale. If a product or SKU is unavailable for purchase, first ensure that it meets the following release checkpoints:

  1. Has the associated Bulk Lot passed QA testing? If not, ensure the Bulk Lot has a Complete and Active Lab Report, and Release the Bulk Lot.

  2. Does the SKU have inventory on hand? If not, create a Packaging Run or add Received Inventory.

  3. Does the SKU have EA units released to the available inventory? If not, Close and Release the SKU's Packaging Runs or Release the Received Inventory.

  4. Is the SKU available for purchase through the Client Portal? If not, Start Selling the SKU.

  5. Does the product belong to the appropriate Sales Channels? If not, Add the Product to a Sales Channel.


For a complete overview of cannabis cultivation, processing, and packaging stages, visit the Seed-to-Sale Process Guide.

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