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How to Stop Selling a SKU
How to Stop Selling a SKU
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Marking a SKU as Unavailable for Purchase removes the SKU from the listing on the Client Portal so that no further units are sold. This may be necessary in the event of a product recall.

This function does not exist for Case SKUs, as cases are not available for purchase through the Client Portal.

Required permission(s): product_read, product_update

  1. In the Products module, select a product. This opens the Product's Profile.

    [img product-overview]

  2. Select a SKU to open the SKU's Profile.

    [img sku-overview]

  3. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  4. Select Stop Selling. This marks the SKU as Unavailable for Purchase.


If a licence holder stops selling a SKU, any other SKUs of that product will remain available for purchase. If the recall affects multiple SKUs, Stop Selling the Product to remove all affected SKUs from the Client Portal.

Visit the Recall Process Guide for more information on what to do in the event of a product recall.

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