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How to Send a Confirmation Email
How to Send a Confirmation Email
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Once a client's registration is approved, renewed, or amended, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–should visit the Email Logs tab to send a confirmation email to the client. This informs the client that their registration update was successful.

Before a CSR can send one of these email templates, they must first generate the document from the Overview tab. Visit the Overview tab to generate a Registration Document, a Registration Amendment Document, or a Registration Renewal Document.

Required permission(s): client_read, client_update

  1. In the Clients module, select a client. This opens the Client's Profile.

  2. Open the Email Logs tab.

  3. Click Send Patient Email. This opens the Send Patient Email modal.

  4. Select a template from the Mail Template drop-down menu. To alter the style or text of these email templates, contact [email protected].

  5. Click Send. In addition to sending the email to the client, this action adds a record of the email to the Email Logs tab.

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