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How to Log into the Gun App
How to Log into the Gun App
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Grow Technicians, Packaging Associates, and Fulfillment Associates use the Gun App to perform essential actions throughout their facility. Follow the steps below to log into the Gun App.

  1. Turn on the Scanner Gun. By default, a standard Windows desktop displays.

  2. Tap the Ample Organics shortcut to open the Gun App login page.

  3. Scan a user barcode on a facility access or employee ID card. The Gun App will then prompt you to enter your password.

  4. Enter the password in the field provided. This will be the same password you enter to access the Seed-to-Sale web platform. A successful login brings you to the Gun App landing page.

From the Gun App landing page, you can access the Grow Room, Order Fulfillment, Packaging Runs, and Other modules.

Scan a QR code to access specific functions for Plants, Batches, Locations, Destruction Lots, Seed Lots, Bottles, Totes, and Orders.

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