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The Other module in the Gun App contains miscellaneous functions that do not fit neatly into the Grow Rooms, Packaging Runs, or Order Fulfillment modules. To access the Other module, tap the black Other button on the Gun App landing page.

The Other module allows Packaging Associates to reclaim bottles. In a bottle reclamation, packaged cannabis is returned to the Bulk Lot to be repackaged. This may be necessary in the event of a packaging error provided the cannabis itself is unaffected. Depending on the conditions of the reclamation and the facility's Standard Operation Procedures–or SOPs–the bottle IDs may be destroyed as part of the bottle reclamation process. Click Reclaim Bottles to begin reclaiming bottles. You can also Perform a Mass Bottle Reclamation through the Products module.

The Other module also hosts destruction functions. Click Destruction to access an index of Destruction Lots.

Visit the Gun App landing page to access the Grow Room, Order Fulfillment, and Packaging Runs modules.

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