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Scanning Destruction Lots
Scanning Destruction Lots
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Access information about a Destruction Lot by scanning its barcode, or by clicking a hyperlink to the Destruction Lot.

Overview Tab

The Destruction Lot's Overview tab displays the lot's status, the time at date at which the lot was created, and the weight sum. Click Close to Close the Destruction Lot.

If the Destruction Lot is closed, a Reopen button will replace the Close button. Click it to reopen the Destruction Lot.

Sublots Tab

The Sublots tab displays all child lots–also known as sublots–within the Parent Destruction Lot. The Parent Lot has no material inputs; all material inputs are stored within the child lots, and child lots can be transferred between parent lots. To create a new sublot, click New Sublot.

Sublot Page

Click on a specific sublot to open the sublot's Overview tab, which displays the sublot's status, its location, when it was opened, the weight sum within it and, if the sublot is closed, the closing weight. Click Close Sublot to close the sublot.

When the sublot is closed, the Close Sublot button is replaced by two buttons: Update Weight and Reopen. Use the Update Weight button to edit the sublot's closing weight. Use the Reopen button to reopen the sublot.

The sublot's Contents tab lists the origin of all waste stored in the sublot.


Access a menu of options by clicking the

icon. Options for a Destruction Lot or child lot include:

Access detailed information about specific objects by scanning Plants, Batches, Locations, Totes, Seed Lots, Orders, and Bottles.

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