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Packaging Runs Module
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The Packaging Runs module allows Packaging Associates to create, manage, and close Packaging Runs. A Packaging Run is a packaging event in which Packaging Associates package bulk cannabis from a Bulk Lot into bottles or other saleable units.

A Packaging Associate can use the Gun App to package bottles–also known as EA units–for sale to individuals through the Client Portal. Please note that the Gun App has not yet been updated to accommodate discrete unit packaging, so a license holder should only use the gun to package Dried (Non-Discrete) and Extracts-Ingested (Non-Discrete) product types. To package other product types, Create a Mass Packaging Run.

To package cannabis into cases to sell wholesale to vendors through the Wholesale application, an associate must Create a Casing Run from the Case SKU's Profile.

To access the Packaging Runs module, tap the blue Packaging Runs button on the Gun App landing page.

From the Packaging Runs homepage, an associate can Create a New Packaging Run or click Continue Open Packaging Run to select an existing open Packaging Run.

Packaging Run Overview Page

The Packaging Run Overview page displays the Packaging Run's ID number and the run's associated product, SKU, and Bulk Lot.

Click Add Bottle to Package Cannabis into Bottles. Once the run is complete, Close the Packaging Run.

Visit the Gun App landing page to access the Grow Room, Order Fulfillment, and Other modules.

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