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Grow (Batch Subset) Profile
Grow (Batch Subset) Profile
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The Grow Profile hosts information and actions for a specific grow, also known as a batch subset. If plants in a batch mature at different rates, Grow Technicians may move the mature plants to a new grow room to expose them to new environmental conditions, and leave the straggling plants in their current grow room. This divides the batch between two locations, and the batch subset in each location is known as a Grow. This is not the same as Splitting a Batch through the Gun App, in which a Grow Technician splits a batch into two or more distinct batches. If Grow Technicians divide batch plants into multiple locations, the plants are still considered part of the same parent batch.

A Grow Profile, unlike a Batch Profile, does not split information between multiple tabs.


A Grow's Profile displays basic information about the grow, including the parent batch's name and type, and the strain, number, age, and stage(s) of plants in the grow. Click Edit to change the batch's name, or select a new batch type from the drop-down menu. However, keep in mind that changing these fields on the Grow Profile affects the parent batch's name and type as well.

The Plants section lists all plants in the grow. To put it another way, this section identifies which plants from the parent batch are housed in the specified location. Here, a Grow Technician has access to high-level information about each plant, including:

  • ID: The plant's ID number.

  • Strain: The plant's cannabis strain.

  • Birthday: The plant's date of birth.

  • Stick Week: The week of the plant's creation. If the plant's Stick Week is 43, it means the plant was created in the 43rd week of the calendar year.

  • Age: The plant's age, in days and weeks.

  • Parent: The plant's parent. If the plant was created through cuttings, the parent link will lead to the Mother Plant's Profile. If the plant was created from seeds, the parent link will lead to the Seed Lot's Profile. If the plant was purchased wholesale, the parent column will say Unknown Owner.

  • Stage: The plant's stage of cultivation.

Select a plant to open the Plant's Profile.

A grow is a subset of a larger parent batch. To access information about the parent batch, click View Entire Batch to visit the Batch's Profile.

Grow Menu


Access a menu of options for the grow by clicking the icon. Most of these options are the same as those found in the menu on a Batch Profile. However, the Grow menu also presents a handful of unique options:

Visit the Gun App to Move a Batch or Batch Subset.

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