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How to Advance a Batch Subset – Grow Module
How to Advance a Batch Subset – Grow Module
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If a batch is too large to fit in a single location, Grow Technicians may divide the batch between multiple locations into batch subsets known as Grows. If all plants in a single Grow are in the same stage of cultivation, a Grow Technician can advance the Grow as a unit from the Grow's Profile. Follow the steps below to advance a Grow.

Required permission(s): batch_update

  1. In the Grow module, open the Rooms & Locations tab.

    [img rooms-and-locations]

  2. Select a location. This opens the Location's Profile.
    [img location-profile]

  3. Select a batch subset, also known as a Grow, from the Batches section. This opens the Grow's Profile.

  4. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  5. Select Advance Current Subset. This opens a confirmation modal.

    • Note: If plants in the Grow are in multiple stages, the modal will include an error message and prevent the technician from advancing the subset.

  6. Click OK to advance all plants in the Grow to the next stage of cultivation.

The Gun App provides more flexibility for performing operations on partial batches. Using the Gun, a Grow Technician can Advance the Stage of an Individual Plant, Advance the Stage of All Plants in a Single Location or Advance Multiple Plants in a Single Batch. If an error occurs, Revert the Stage of an Individual Plant or Revert the Stage of Multiple Plants in a Single Batch.

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