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How to Download a Cutting Report
How to Download a Cutting Report
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After Creating a Batch from Cuttings through the Grow module or Gun App, a Grow Technician may download and print a Cutting Report. The Cutting Report lists the total cuttings planted, the associated mother plants, and the staff member who took the cuttings. The report also includes fields for the Grow supervisor to sign off on the cutting event.

Required permission(s): batch_read

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

    [img propagation]

  2. Open the Cutting Reports sub-tab. This opens an index that lists each time Grow Technicians created a batch from cuttings.

    [img cutting-reports]

  3. Select a cutting event.

  4. Click


    to prompt the cutting report to download, in PDF format.


From the Grow module, a Grow Technician can also Download a Seeding Report for any batch created from seeds. A technician can also download a Grow Inventory Report to track all material in the Grow module.

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