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Destruction Settings
Destruction Settings
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When destroying plant material, a Grow Technician must identify why the destruction is taking place, and specify the cannabis substance being destroyed. A licence holder can customize the acceptable options for each field in the Destruction module's Settings tab.

The Settings tab splits into two sub-tabs: Destruction Reason Codes and Destruction Substance Types.

Destruction Reason Codes

The Destruction Reason Codes sub-tab allows a licence holder to customize the acceptable reasons for a destruction event, such as trimming leaves, eliminating moldy plants, or removing plants or seeds that are not viable for production.

Click New to Add a New Destruction Reason Code, or click on an existing reason code to Edit or Archive the entry.


Destruction Substance Types

The Destruction Substance Types sub-tab allows a licence holder to customize the cannabis substance types that Grow Technicians regularly destroy, such as seeds, flowering plants, and dried cannabis. For reporting accuracy, a licence holder should be as specific as possible when creating destruction substance types.

Click New to Add a New Destruction Substance Type, or click on an existing substance to Edit or Archive the entry.


The Seed-to-Sale software allows you to define each destruction substance type by one of three categories:

  • Flowering material is defined by the CRA as "the whole or any part (other than viable seeds) of an inflorescence of a cannabis plant at any stage of development, including the infructescence stage of development. Inflorescence is commonly defined as a combination of the flowers and the ultimate small twigs of the branching system subtending the flowers. This includes what is commonly known in the industry as the bud and the small sugar leaves or other materials (bracts, stems, etc.)"

  • Non-flowering material is defined by the CRA as "any part of a cannabis plant other than flowering material, viable seeds and a part of the plant that is a non-viable seed, a mature stalk without any leaf, flower, seed or branch of the plant, fiber derived from a stalk of the plant, and the root or any part of the root of the plant."

  • Untracked refers to a substance type that does not fit neatly into either of the other two categories.

This is, in part, to satisfy Canada Revenue Agency's monthly reporting requirements. Consult the Cannabis Act to ensure the correct category is selected for each destruction substance type.

For more options to customize your experience in the Seed-to-Sale software, visit the Settings Module.

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