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How to Create a New Destruction Lot
How to Create a New Destruction Lot
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A Destruction Lot is a means by which to group destruction child lots–also known as sublots–which are the physical receptacles that store plant waste in preparation for destruction. Child lots of a parent Destruction Lot may be spread throughout the licence holder's grow facility, but they are considered part of the same lot and are destroyed as a unit. Follow the steps below to create a new Destruction Lot.

Required permission(s): destruction_lot_read, destruction_lot_create, destruction_lot_update

  1. Open the Destruction module. The Destruction Lots tab will be open by default.

  2. Click New to generate a new Destruction Lot with a default numbered name. This opens the Overview tab on the new Destruction Lot's Profile.


  3. If necessary, change the Destruction Lot's name.

    1. Click Edit to unlock the Lot Name field.

    2. Enter the new name.

    3. Click OK to save the new name.


When discarding waste into a Destruction Lot, you must select a sublot, also known as a child lot, to store the waste. Visit the Child Lots tab to Create a New Child Lot.

Once waste material is ready for physical destruction, you must Close and Destroy the Destruction Lot.

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