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Destruction Module
Destruction Module
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The Destruction module allows a licence holder to organize and track all plants or plant matter destroyed at their facility. Health Canada regulations require licence holders to track and report every gram of cannabis that passes through their facility, including any material sent for destruction. Destruction Lots log waste in preparation for destruction. Destruction Lots break down further into child lots–also known as sublots–which are physical vessels that store waste material in preparation for destruction.


The Destruction module splits into three tabs: Destruction Lots, Reusable Vessels/Bins, and Settings. Opening the Destruction module opens the Destruction Lots tab by default.

Destruction Lots


The Destruction Lot tab hosts a high-level overview of all Destruction Lots saved to the licence holder's system. A Destruction Lot–also known as a Parent Lot–is a means by which to group child lots–also known as sublots–which are the physical receptacles that store plant waste in preparation for destruction. Child lots of a parent Destruction Lot may be spread throughout the licence holder's grow facility, but they are considered part of the same lot and are destroyed as a unit.

The Destruction Lot index displays essential information about each Destruction Lot, including:

  • Lot: The Destruction Lot's name. By default, the Seed-to-Sale software assigns a numerical name to each Destruction Lot, but you can customize Destruction Lot names to meet the needs of your facility.

  • Date Created: The lot's creation date.

  • Created By: The lot's creator, if applicable.

  • Status: Indicates whether the Destruction Lot is Open, Closed, or Destroyed.

    • Open: The Destruction Lot is open. Grow Technicians can discard plant waste into the lot.

    • Closed: The Destruction Lot is closed. Grow Technicians can no longer discard plant waste into the lot, but the lot has not yet been destroyed.

    • Destroyed: The Destruction Lot has been destroyed.

  • Total Weight: The current total weight of all plant waste in the Destruction Lot.

Click New to Create a New Destruction Lot, or select a Destruction Lot from the index to visit the Destruction Lot's Profile.

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