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How to Reset a Work Order's Stage
How to Reset a Work Order's Stage
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If an error occurs when finalizing or closing a Work Order, reset the Work Order to the previous stage to correct the mistake.

Required permission(s): work_order_update

  1. In the Work Orders module, select a Work Order in the Finalized or Closed stage/status.

  2. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Reset Stage. This opens the Reset Work Order Stage modal. This modal displays a summary of tasks a Processing Technician can perform at each Work Order stage.

  4. Click Reset to _______ to reset the work order to the previous stage. This resets a Closed Work Order to the Finalized stage, or a Finalized Work Order to the Open stage.


Visit the Work Order Workflows section to see examples of how Processing Technicians can use a series of Work Orders to produce a variety of product types.

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