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How to Create a Sublot/Child Lot – Destruction Module
How to Create a Sublot/Child Lot – Destruction Module
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A Destruction Lot breaks down into child lots, also known as sublots, which are the physical receptacles into which plant waste is discarded. Follow the steps below to create a new child lot.

Required permission(s): destruction_lot_read, destruction_lot_create

  1. In the Destruction module, select a Destruction Lot or Create a New One. This opens the Destruction Lot's Profile.


  2. Open the Child Lots tab.

  3. Click New Child Lot. This opens the New Child Lot modal.

  4. Create a custom child lot, or select a reusable vessel.

    • To create a custom child lot:

      1. Click the Create Custom Child Lot radio button. It should be selected by default.

      2. Enter the child lot's tare weight in the field provided. Naming the child lot is optional. If you leave the Name field blank, the Seed-to-Sale software will assign a number for the child lot's name.

    • To select a reusable vessel:

      1. Click the Use Reusable Vessel radio button.

      2. Select a vessel from the list.

  5. Click OK to add the new child lot.


After creating a new child lot/sublot, you should immediately Label the Child Lot.

Visit the Destruction Process Guide for a list of all possible ways to destroy waste. Once all child lots/sublots in a Destruction Lot are full, Close the Destruction Lot. This is possible through the Destruction module or through the Gun App.

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