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How to Delete a Packaging Run
How to Delete a Packaging Run
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If a Packaging Associate creates a Packaging Run in error, the associate should delete the Packaging Run and correct the error by Creating a New Run. Deleting a Packaging Run removes all EA units from the Packaging Run from the available inventory, and returns the packaged weight to the source Bulk Lot. A Packaging Run cannot be deleted if Fulfillment Associates have picked any bottles or cases from the run to fulfill orders.

This process is specific to inventory created through Packaging Runs. If someone creates a Received Inventory record in error, they should Revert the Received Inventory through the Wholesale application.

Required permission(s): product_read, received_inventory_read, packaging_run_archive

  1. In the Products module, select a product.

    [img product-overview]

  2. Select a SKU to open the SKU's Profile.

    [img sku-overview]

  3. Open the Inventory tab. The Packaging Runs sub-tab will be open by default.

    [img sku-packaging-runs]

  4. Locate the Packaging Run in question, and click the


    icon in the leftmost cell to open a confirmation modal.

  5. Click Delete to delete the packaging run.


From the Packaging Runs tab, you can also Close a Packaging Run, Release or Unrelease a Packaging Run, Print EA Unit Labels, Reclaim Bottles, or Move a Packaging Run to Another SKU.

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