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How to Revert Received Inventory
How to Revert Received Inventory
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If Received Inventory is added in error, you should revert the Received Inventory. This removes all received EA units or bulk cannabis from the inventory and effectively archives the Received Inventory record. You can then create a new Received Inventory record to correct the mistake.

Please note that a Received Inventory cannot be reverted if any packaged units have been cased or sold, or if any received bulk cannabis has been packaged.

Required permission(s): received_inventory_read, received_inventory_revert

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Received Inventory tab.

    [img received-inventory-index-packaged]

    • Note: To revert received bulk cannabis, open the Bulk sub-tab.

  2. Locate the desired received inventory, and click the


    icon in the rightmost cell to open a menu of options.

    [img received-inventory-menu]

  3. Select Revert Record. This opens a confirmation modal.

  4. Read through the warning message on the modal, and check the checkbox provided to accept the conditions of reverting Received Inventory.

  5. Click Confirm & Revert. This removes all received EA units or bulk cannabis from the inventory and updates the Received Inventory's status to Reverted.


Upon reverting Received Inventory, you should Create a New Received Inventory Record to correct the previous mistake.

From the Received Inventory tab, you can also Return Received Inventory.

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