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Sales Channels Tab
Sales Channels Tab
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The Sales Channels tab in the Settings module allows a licence holder to customize the list of sales channels used at their facility. Sales channels match clients to appropriate products by limiting the products available to them. When completing an order for a client, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–cannot add a product to the client's order unless the product and client are part of the same sales channel.

For example, if a client's prescription is limited to oil products, a CSR should add that client to an Oil sales channel only. All oil products should also be a part of that channel, which allows the client to view and purchase oil products, but restricts the client from purchasing other product types. Both products and clients can belong to multiple sales channels.


The Sales Channels tab displays a list of sales channels and summarizes the number of products and clients saved to each channel.

Click New to Create a New Sales Channel, or select a sales channel to open the Sales Channel's Profile.

Sales Channel Profile


The Sales Channel's Profile lists all products and clients saved to the sales channel.

Click New in the Products section to Add a Product to the Sales Channel. A CSR can also Add a Product to a Sales Channel from the Product's Profile.

Click New in the Clients section to Add a Client to the Sales Channel. A CSR can also Add a Client to a Sales Channel from the Client's Profile.

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