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User Management Tab
User Management Tab
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The User Management tab lists all users saved to the Seed-to-Sale environment, and allows administrators to create, edit, and archive users and their associated security roles.


The User Management tab splits into two sub-tabs: Users and Security Roles. Opening the User Management tab opens the Users sub-tab by default.



The Users sub-tab lists, in tabular format, all employees at the licence holder's facility who are saved as users in the Seed-to-Sale software. The table displays high-level information about each user, including their first and last names, their security role(s), and any additional permissions they have been granted beyond their security role.

A user with Admin status can click New to Create a New User, or select a user from the index to view or edit the User's Profile.

An administrator or manager can also Download a User Admin Report to track changes to their user's accounts. The report tracks each user's name, username, email, security roles, and the time/date at which the user's account was last updated, disabled, or enabled. The report also tracks the last time each user's password was changed.

Click the

icon to disable a user.

Security Roles


The Security Roles sub-tab lists, in tabular format, all security roles saved to the licence holder's system. A security role defines the user's role at the facility, and determines the modules and functions a user can access depending on their position or rank. Each security role has a set of associated permissions, but when creating a new user, an administrator can assign additional permissions beyond those standard to the user's security role. A Super role generally refers to full permissions for that specified role. A non-super role will have limited permissions, unless set otherwise.

Though the Seed-to-Sale software offers over 200 distinct permissions, most fall into one of six categories:

  • Create: User can create new records.

  • Read: User can view existing records without the ability to edit or delete.

  • Update: Users can make changes to records.

  • Archive: Users can archive records.

  • Delete/Destroy: Users can delete existing records.

  • Restore: User can reactivate deleted or archived records.

A new Seed-to-Sale environment comes with several Default Security Roles that should work for most licence holders. However, an administrator can click New to Create a Custom Security Role, or edit existing roles.

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