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How to Add a Product to a Sales Channel – Settings Module
How to Add a Product to a Sales Channel – Settings Module
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You can quickly add several products to a sales channel through the Sales Channel's Profile in the Settings module. However, to add a single product to several sales channels, visit the Product's Profile.

Required permission(s): sales_channel_read, product_read, sales_channel_update

  1. In the Settings module, open the Sales Channels tab.

  2. Select a sales channel. This opens the Sales Channel's Profile.

  3. In the Products section, click New. This opens a confirmation modal.

  4. Click Continue to open the Add Product to Sales Channel modal.

    • Please note that it may time some time to load this modal if the licence holder has a long list of products.

  5. Open the provided drop-down menu of products, and select a product to add to the sales channel.

  6. Click Add to add the product to the sales channel.

To Add a Client to a Sales Channel, click New in the Clients section.

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