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Devices Tab
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The Devices tab in the Settings module manages hardware, including barcode printers, label printers, and scales.


The Devices tab splits into two sub-tabs: Printers/Other and Scales.



The Printers/Other sub-tab tracks all printers and miscellaneous devices saved to a licence holder's system. Through the Seed-to-Sale software, you can print a variety of labels, barcodes, and documents, and each distinct printing need requires a specialized printer model.

Click New to Add a New Printer. Printers must be connected to the Seed-to-Sale environment on the back end by the Ample Organics Hardware Support Team, so after adding a new printer, contact support to ensure the printer is properly configured.



The Scales sub-tab tracks all scales saved to the licence holder's system. When adding a scale, you must record the scale's network address, which allows the Seed-to-Sale software to connect directly with the scale. This allows Grow Technicians or Packaging Associates to scan the scale's QR code when weighing cannabis to retrieve and input the weight as recorded on the scale.

Connecting scales is optional. You can weigh their cannabis using offline printers and enter weights manually.

Click New Scale to Add a New Scale.

Visit the Hardware section for a summary of all devices necessary to complete the seed-to-sale process.

For more information on Settings module tabs, visit the articles on Sales Channels, My Account, Core Default Settings, User Management, and Utilities.

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