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Core Default Settings Tab
Core Default Settings Tab
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The Core Default Settings tab allows a licence holder to store default values used throughout the Seed-to-Sale software.

Presently, the Core Default Settings tab includes only one Settings Group: Lab Report Threshold Defaults.

Lab Report Threshold Defaults


Clicking Lab Report Threshold Defaults allows QA Technicians to set cannabis potency threshold defaults for lab reports. Reporting thresholds are a series of default potency values that will display on a product's label. If the actual potency of the sample is less than the reporting threshold, the label printed will place a “<” in front of the display threshold. For example, if the display threshold is 0.8% and the actual potency is 0.5%, the label will read “<0.8%”. To accommodate the range of units of measure (UoMs) used to record potencies across different Bulk Lot types, QA Technicians can configure reporting thresholds for each cannabinoid in every unit of measure used in the Productions module.

If threshold defaults are configured in the Settings module, these values will auto-populate in the Reporting Thresholds column in each new lab report, so a QA Technician only needs to alter necessary fields when an external laboratory returns a Bulk Lot's Certificate of Analysis–or COA. For more information on this process, visit the Productions module to Update a Lab Report with COA Results.

Change the default values in the fields provided to Customize Lab Report Threshold Defaults.

For more information on Settings module tabs, visit the articles on Sales Channels, My Account, User Management, Devices, and Utilities.

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