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Complaints Module
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The Complaints module monitors and manages client-submitted or internal complaints. Opening the Complaints module brings you to the Complaints Dashboard.



The Complaints Dashboard hosts a high-level index of all complaints saved to the licence holder's Seed-to-Sale environment. Sort this list using any one of several fields:

  • Complaint #: Sorts by complaint ID numbers.

  • Category: Sorts by complaint category.

  • Nature of Complaint: Sorts by complaint type.

  • Date Received: Sorts by the date at which complaints were received and recorded.


You can also filter the list using the options above the index. Select a complaint type from the Nature of Complaint drop-down menu to view only complaints of a specific type, or select a complaint category from the Category drop-down menu to view only complaints of a specific category. Click the Show Archived radio button to view archived complaints, or use the Search bar to enter specific search criteria.

To Record a Complaint, click New. Alternatively, visit the Complaints tab in a Client Profile or the Complaints tab in an Order Profile.

Select a complaint from the index to open the Complaint's Profile.

Open the Complaint Types tab to customize complaint type and complaint category options.

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