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The Reports module houses reports that track activities throughout the Seed-to-Sale platform. However, Ample Organics also offers several reports that pull data for specific objects, like a specific Bulk Lot, harvest, or Packaging Run. Usually, you can access these reports from a module index or an object's profile page, rather than from the Reports module. Follow the links below for information on how to generate reports outside of the Reports module.


    • The Bulk Inventory Report pulls essential information about each Bulk Lot saved to the licence holder's Seed-to-Sale environment. For each Bulk Lot, the report lists the lot's associated production, packaged weight and volume, unpackaged weight and volume, QA status, location, type, cannabis form, and cannabinoid potencies.

      Note: The Bulk Inventory Report is also accessible through the Inventory report types sub-tab in the Reports module.

    • A Packaged Inventory Report summarizes all bottles packaged through all EA Packaging Runs associated with a specific Bulk Lot. For each bottle, the report lists the bottle's ID number, associated Bulk Lot, grams packaged into the bottle, and the associated Packaging Run's ID number. The report also indicates whether or not each bottle has been destroyed or returned.

    • After packaging bottles through a Packaging Run or Mass Packaging Run, a Packaging Associate can generate a bottling record to quickly pull all bottle ID numbers included in the run. A bottling record is useful for traceability in the event of a product recall.

    • Anytime a Bulk Lot's weight changes, the change is recorded as a line item on the Bulk Lot's Weight Events tab. You can download this table into a spreadsheet.

Work Orders

    • A Work Order Report summarizes a Work Order's input and output weight and volume, as well as the input and output Bulk Lots. The Work Order must be Closed before you can generate a PDF report.


    • The Grow Inventory Report provides a high-level snapshot of all living inventory in a licence holder's grow rooms. This includes the number of plants in each grow room, and details about every active batch.

    • After Creating a Batch from Cuttings through the Grow module or Gun App, a Grow Technician may download and print a Cutting Report. The Cutting Report lists the total cuttings planted, the associated mother plants, and the staff member who took the cuttings. The report also includes fields for the Grow supervisor to sign off on the cutting event.

    • A Grow Technician can generate and download a Seeding Report for any batch created from a Seed Lot. This allows grow room supervisors to approve and document all batch creations as they occur at their facility.

    • A Batch Report provides a Grow Technician with a snapshot of a batch's current status, including the number of plants in the batch, the batch's location, and information about each plant in the batch.

    • After completing a harvest, a Grow Technician may wish to download a Harvest Report. The Harvest Report summarizes the batch and plants harvested, the destination Bulk Lot, and the total weight harvested and destroyed. The report also includes fields for the Grow supervisor to sign off on the harvest.

    • A Grow Technician can download a History Events Report for a specific plant, batch, or seed lot. The report summarizes all events in the object's history, including its creation, movement, and destruction.


    • Once a Destruction Lot is Closed, you can generate a destruction lot report that summarizes the weight of destroyed material in the lot, and the contents of each child lot/sublot. If the Destruction Lot has been Destroyed, the report also includes destruction details and fields for witnesses to verify that the destruction took place as indicated.


    • When recording a complaint from a client, a CSR enters details of the complaint and tracks its investigation through the Complaint's Profile. Generate information about a specific complaint into a PDF document following the process below.

Through the Reports module, you can generate a Monthly Reporting Template.

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