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How to Download a Harvest Report
How to Download a Harvest Report
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After completing a harvest, a Grow Technician may wish to download a Harvest Report. The Harvest Report summarizes the batch and plants harvested, the destination Bulk Lot, and the total weight harvested and destroyed. The report also includes fields for the Grow supervisor to sign off on the harvest.

Required permission(s): harvest_read

  1. In the Grow module, open the Harvests tab.

    [img harvests]

  2. Select a harvest to open the Harvest's Profile.

  3. Click Report. This prompts the Harvest Report to download in PDF format.

    • Note: The Report button will not function if the harvest is empty. A Grow Technician must have harvested plants before they can generate a report.

From the Grow module, a Grow Technician can also download a Cutting Report, Seeding Report, or Batch Report. A Grow Inventory Report is also available to summarize all grow room inventory.

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