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How to Create a New Cannabis Strain
How to Create a New Cannabis Strain
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A Grow Technician must select a cannabis strain when Creating a Seed Lot or Creating a Batch from Wholesale Plants. The menu of cannabis strains is configured in the Grow Settings tab.

Required permission(s): strain_read, strain_create

  1. In the Grow module, open the Settings tab.

    [img grow-settings]

  2. Open the Strains sub-tab. It should be open by default.

    [img settings-strains]

  3. Click New in the Strains section. This opens the Create Strain modal.

  4. Populate the fields in the modal with information about the new strain.

    • Strain Name: A unique name for the strain.

    • Family: The strain family to which the new strain belongs.

    • Expected THC: The expected THC content (%).

    • Expected CBD: The expected CBD content (%).

  5. Click OK to add the new cannabis strain.

From the Grow Settings tab, a Grow Technician can also Create a New Batch Type, or Create a New Plant Pot Type.

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