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Destruction Tab – Order Profile
Destruction Tab – Order Profile
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The Destruction tab allows you to destroy bottles associated with an order. This may be necessary in the event of a product recall, or if the client returns bottles that have already been opened and contaminated. The Destruction tab only appears for orders in the Placed, Shipped, or Delivered statuses.


The Destruction tab displays a high-level list of all bottles in the order, in tabular format. For each bottle, the table displays the product name, the bottle's unique ID number, the weight and/or volume of cannabis in the bottle, and whether or not the bottle has been destroyed.

Select an entry to Destroy a Bottle. If you destroy a bottle by mistake, Revert the Destruction.

Visit the Recall Process Guide for more information on the product recall workflow.

For more information on other Order Profile tabs, visit the articles on Receipts, Dispensing Record, Complaints, and Returned Grams.

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