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Dispensing Record Tab – Order Profile
Dispensing Record Tab – Order Profile
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The Dispensing Record tab allows a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–to generate and view the order's dispensing record. A dispensing record is a detailed record of all aspects of the order. This includes information on the client, prescription and prescribing physician, as well as inventory details such as the weight and volume of the each unit included in the order. The dispensing record also includes QA verifications and post-picking inspection fields to ensure compliance to order fulfillment protocols.

The Dispensing Record tab only appears for orders in the Placed, Shipped, or Delivered statuses.


When a Fulfillment Associate Fulfills an Order through the Gun App, a dispensing record automatically generates and saves to the Documents section on the order's Overview tab as a downloadable PDF. To generate a new document, click Generate New Dispensing Record.

Please note that the dispensing record is for internal reference only and should not be shared with clients.

For more information on other Order Profile tabs, visit the articles on Receipts, Complaints, Destruction, and Returned Grams.

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