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Returned Grams Tab – Order Profile
Returned Grams Tab – Order Profile
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The Returned Grams tab allows a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–to add grams back onto a client's prescription. This is necessary if a package is lost or stolen, if the patient Returns a Bottle, or if an order is refused or cancelled. The Returned Grams tab only appears for orders that are Shipped, Delivered, Refused, Refunded, or Cancelled.


Click New to Return Grams to the Client's Prescription. Once a returned grams record is created, a CSR can Delete the record to reverse the process, removing the grams from the client's prescription once again.

When a CSR returns grams to a client's prescription, a record of the return displays in the Prescription section on the client's Overview tab. Any orders placed going forward will utilize the returned gram credits before the rest of the prescription coverage.


Please note that returned gram credits are only available as long as the current prescription is valid. If the client does not use their returned grams before their prescription expires, the credit does not carry over to the next prescription.

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