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Edit Tab – Product Profile
Edit Tab – Product Profile
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The Edit tab allows you to customize information about the product. Any information input here will display on the product's page on the Client Portal and will be visible to clients.


Populate the fields provided to add information on the product.

  • Name: The product's name, as it is marketed on the licence holder's labels.

  • Brand Name: The brand under which the product will be sold. Some licence holders have multiple brands.

  • Product Type: Indicates the type of product: Dried Flower, Oil, Accessory, etc.

  • Featured Product: Indicates whether or not the product will be marked as a featured product on the Client Portal.

  • Product Strain: The product's cannabis strain. This only applies to cannabis products.

  • Common Name: How the product is known to the general public. This useful in cases where the licence holder uses a unique product name for a popular cannabis strain.

  • Archived: Indicates whether or not the product is archived.

  • Price Per Gram: The price per gram of cannabis. This field only applies to cannabis products.

  • Description: A detailed description of the product and its effects. You can select Save as Formatted Text to enable text formatting options.

Upload an Image of the product in the Shop Image section or a template for the bottle's label in the Bottle Label Template Background section.

  • Shop Image: The product's image as it appears in the Client Portal.

  • Bottle Label Template: A branded background for the product's bottle labels.

Product Specific Taxes


If the product is of the Extracts-Inhaled or Accessories product subclass, the option appears to Mark the Product as a Vapour Product. In accordance with the new vapour product tax introduced by BC Bill 45 in November 2019, licence holders must charge 20% PST on vapour products sold to clients in British Columbia. The Bill defines a "vapour product" as any e-vaping device, e-substance, or cartridge, part, or accessory for an e-vaping device.

For information on other Product Profile tabs, visit the articles on Symptoms and Ailments, Policies, Sales Channels, and Tags.

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