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How to Print a Product Label
How to Print a Product Label
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Upon creating a new product, a Product Manager should immediately print a label for the product. Each product label includes a unique barcode that Packaging Associates can scan to select the product when creating Packaging Runs through the Gun App. Product managers should affix product labels to the shelves on which products are stored, or to documents used during the packaging process.

Packaging Associates can also Print All Product Barcodes on an 8.5" X 11" page through the Settings module.

Required permission(s): product_read

  1. In the Products module, select a product.

    [img product-overview]

  2. Click Print Label. This opens a printing modal.

  3. Open the drop-down menu provided, and select a printer.

  4. Click OK to print the product label. Affix the label to the shelf on which the product is stored, or to an inventory management document for the product.


From the Products module, Packaging Associates or Product Managers can also print labels for units packaged through Packaging Runs or Received Inventory. You also Print Case Labels for cases packaged through Casing Runs.

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