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Through the Settings tab, you can access settings to customize options in the Products module to better suit the products produced at their facility. The Settings tab breaks down into three sub-tabs: Product Types, Product Strains, and Product Tags.

Product Types

The Product Types sub-tab displays all product types saved to a licence holder's system. Product types help the Seed-to-Sale software recognize the nature and needs of a product. When Creating a New Product, the product's type determines the fields available in the SKU’s Profile and how the SKU's cannabinoid potencies will be displayed in the Client Portal. Product types also dictate whether or not a product is measured in discrete units, which means the product is in a form that can be counted at the unit level, like pre-rolls, capsules, and cookies.

Furthermore, when packaging EA units from a Bulk Lot, the Bulk Lot's type must match the destination product's subclass. For example, if you want to package EA units into a product with the Extracts- Ingested (Discrete) product type, the source Bulk Lot must be of the Extracts - Ingested Bulk Lot type, and the lot must use discrete units. Essentially, the product type tells the Seed-to-Sale software what the product is so it knows how to treat the product.


When creating a new product type, you must select a Product Class, Product Subclass, and indicate whether or not the product type is measured in discrete units. Consult the table below to ensure the correct class and subclass are configured for the type of product.

Product Class



Example Products



Cannabis that has been dried through a Drying Work Order.

Dried Buds, Milled Flower, Pre-Rolls


Extracts - Ingested

A refined cannabis extract form that a user consumes by ingesting.

Refined Extract, Diluted Oil, Capsules


Extracts - Inhaled

A refined cannabis extract form that a user consumes through inhalation.

Hash, Wax, Rosin, Vape Pens/Cartridges


Extracts - Other

A refined cannabis extract form that a user consumes nasally, rectally, or vaginally.




Products that include cannabis as an ingredient and that are intended to be used on external body surfaces (e.g., skin, hair, nails).

Cream, Lotion, Balm


Edibles - Solids

Edible cannabis in a solid form

Chocolate Bars, Cookies, Gummy Bears


Edibles - Non-Solids

Edible cannabis in a liquid form

Soda, Tea



A living plant. Clients may buy plants to propagate cannabis at home.

Living Plant/Cutting



A cannabis seed. Clients may buy seeds to propagate cannabis at home.




A cannabis accessory.

T-shirt, Grinder, Vaporizer

When creating a product type, you can also configure custom shipping options. This feature addresses the problem of vape products exploding when shipped via air. If the product type is incompatible with certain shipping methods, you can exclude those options to prevent clients or Customer Service Representatives from selecting them when placing an order that includes the product type.

Visit the Client Sales Setup tab in the SKU Profile for more information on how product types affect how cannabinoid potencies are reported on the Client Portal.

Product Strains

The Product Strains sub-tab displays all product strains–or cultivars–saved to a licence holder's system. When creating a new cannabis product, you may assign a product name that does not reflect the strain of cannabis in the product. Instead, you can indicate the product's strain on the Edit tab and customize the list of product strains to reflect the strains produced at their facility. Once each product is assigned a product strain, you can sort the Products index by strain.


Product Tags

The Product Tags sub-tab displays all product tags saved to a licence holder's system. A product tag is a piece of metadata that identifies a specific characteristic of a product that may not appear anywhere in the product's description. Adding Tags to a Product improves searchability in the Client Portal. For instance, if a client using the portal checks the "High THC" filter, the products index pulls all products with the "High THC" tag.


Click Add Product Tag to Create a New Product Tag.

For more settings and options, visit the Settings module.

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